Reasons Why to Self-Publish a Book Is Recommendable

18 Aug

In case you are an established author nothing should stop the ambition that you have. To self-publish a book is remarkable because it is associated with several benefits. Many people do not know that it is not much cash that is required to self-publish a book hence they fear this option. If you have never considered this option of self-publishing and you are a writer you can try and see how best it works. Many people have tried and embraced it and they all talk of how good the idea is. They even do not have interests in other options of publishing. The following are the reasons as to why to self-publish a book is recommendable.

The reason number one is that you can make a lot of money. When you self-publish your books you will earn more money than when you get assistance from the traditional publisher. This is because when you self-publish you will get a percentage of royalties ranging from 30% to 70%. When you allow a traditional publisher to publish the book for you the percentage of royalties that you will get ranges from 12% to 20%.

The speed is the second reason you should consider. When you consider publishing your books by yourself it will not take long for the book to be fully written polished and properly formatted then distributed to the readers. For the traditional publishing, you will have to wait for almost a month or even years for the books to appear. Nowadays what people should concentrate on is how fast they can publish their books. Visit for more information.

The other reason is greater control. When you decide to self-publish your work you have the greatest control over the completed product ranging from the artwork that appears on the front cover to how as well as where you will market your book. You are the one who should make all these decisions. You can seek advice in the areas that you are not very sure but you will finally have to make the decision.

Another crucial reason for self-publishing a book is that it is a gateway to more opportunities. When you have a book you get instant authority as well as enhanced credibility. This opens the opportunity of speaking engagement, consulting and coaching. A lot of people are not able to produce content or even structure the material they have with ease for the readers to follow easily. So if you are having a book you are many steps ahead. Get facts from this link.

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